Newest · The Life Project LIFE NEWEST is co-financed
by the LIFE program of the European Union
(Grant Agreement No. LIFE16 ENV/ES/000156)


The project will lasts 48 months.
The main actions of the project are the following.
step 1 - Workplan

System for the synthesis and production

System for the production of a natural coagulant - Start up a new system for the synthesis andindustrial production of a new natural based coagulant.

step 2 - Workplan

Validation of the coagulant efficiency of the manufactured polymer

Industrial Validation of the natural coagulant efficiency - Industrial scale validation of the coagulant efficiency of the new product in 2 urban wastewater treatment plants and 2 industrial wastewater treatment plants.

step 3 - Workplan

Enhance the recycling activities and the generated sludge reuse

Enhance the recycling activities and the generated sludge reuse in agriculture: the agronomic quality of the produced compost will be evaluated, the ecotoxicological effect of this compost application on the ground with standard tests will be verified and the new coagulant effect at the biogas production of the anaerobic mud digestion will be quantified.

step 4 - Workplan

Monitor and evaluate the impact

Monitor and evaluate the technical, economical and environmental impact, as well as the diffusion actions impact within the Project.

step 5 - Workplan

Business Plan

Start up of the Business Plan and technology transfer. Perform the management tasks and EC information.