Newest · The Life Project LIFE NEWEST is co-financed
by the LIFE program of the European Union
(Grant Agreement No. LIFE16 ENV/ES/000156)


New urban wastewater treatment based on natural coagulants to avoid phosphorus pollution allowing mud’s agrivalorization.

Nowadays, phosphorus is a widely used element in the manufacture of fertilizers for agriculture, detergents, households cleaning products and industrial processes. As a result, phosphorus levels have been measured in lakes and rivers and this have increased in recent years. The LIFE NEWEST project aims to respond to this problem by designing and implementing a new technology based on natural-based coagulants for use in tertiary wastewater treatment process. This technology is designed to replace the coagulants that are currently used with inorganic base, which are toxic and dangerous products, besides this technology increase the efficiency and effectiveness in the elimination of phosphorus. The sludge obtained from the treatment process will be used in biomethanation processes to produce biogas as well to improve agricultural applications of sludge.