Newest · The Life Project LIFE NEWEST is co-financed
by the LIFE program of the European Union
(Grant Agreement No. LIFE16 ENV/ES/000156)


Main objective

The main objective is the industrial demonstration of a new innovative and environmentally friendly technology for the phosphorous removal in the wastewater for urban and industrial treatment plants and the valorization of the agriculture generated sludge.

Secondary objectives

  • Remove the use of inorganic coagulants, with corrosive and dangerous character, in the wastewater treatment being replaced by natural based products that are developed and manufactured during the project.
  • Ensure the replicability and transference of the proposed technology and the dissemination of UE results obtained by:
    • Technology real scale implementation during the Project in Spain, Netherlands and Germany.
    • Development and start-up of a Business Plan focused on the new validated technology and the marketplace of the product manufactured at industrial scale before the Project ending.
  • Provide and efficient solution, economically cost-effective and environmental sustainable for the phosphorous removal in treated wastewaters, enforcing the Directive 2000/60/CE and following the LIFE Program priorities.