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Servyeco | José F. Cabeza

SERVYECO faces the new environmental challenges by providing innovative global solutions for the management of the integral water cycle. The company based in l’Alcora distinguishes itself, by providing global solutions according to the needs of each client, through the manufacture of chemical products, physicochemical and microbiological analysis laboratories accredited by AENOR, engineering, conservation and maintenance of the facilities. SERVYECO differentiates itself from multinational competitors by its high level of innovation to solve the specific problems of wastewater and process as reverse osmosis and cooling towers of industrial customers, thus favoring the compliance with stricter environmental regulations and the water reuse. Providing a flexible and experienced service structure and proactive R & D, SERVYECO aims continuously to improve its services and the quality of potable and wastewater, in addition to reducing management costs. The company created in 1998, has a team of 30 experts specialized in water treatment.

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EGEVASAEGEVASA (Empresa General Valenciana del Agua Sociedad Anónima), gestiona 260 estaciones en la Comunidad Valenciana, lo que supone la gestión de más de 163 millones de metros cúbicos de aguas residuales al año, casi un 35% de los 503 millones de metros cúbicos producidos en la Comunidad.

La compañía ha estado trabajando durante más de dos décadas en el campo del tratamiento de aguas residuales, obteniendo una amplia experiencia en los procesos químicos biológicos y físicos en las EDAR. EGEVASA cuenta con personal científico técnico dedicado al desarrollo de proyectos de I + D +i para invertir, proponer e implementar soluciones innovadoras a los principales problemas encontrados en el funcionamiento de la EDAR. Así, EGEVASA ha conseguido ser la primera empresa de la Comunidad Valenciana con Sistema de Gestión de I + D + i certificado según la norma UNE 166002, además de contar con certificaciones según las normas ISO 9.001, 14.001 y OHSAS 18.001. A modo de ejemplo en la última anualidad EGEVASA ha desarrollado más de doce líneas de investigación relacionadas con estudios microbiológicos de lodo, acondicionado de lodos, digestores de lodo anaerobio, reducción alternativa de nitrógeno en agua o valorización de lodos en la agricultura.

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GLOBAL OMNIUM MEDIOAMBIENTE, S.A. was founded in 1918, joining Aguas De Valencia Group in 1993. The corporate group's name has evolved into the current Global Omnium, a name given to the group of companies invested by Aguas de Valencia company. Currently, the companyhas the recognition and stability necessary to address sustainable growth in the new territories.

Nowadays, this business group manages more than 350 WWTPs whose wastewater is treated to ensure that their discharges comply with the applicable legal requirements. These treatment plants have all the technologies available on the market and their range varies, from plants that treat water from municipalities with less than 500 inhabitants to plants capable of treating the flow equivalent of a population of 1.000.000 inhabitants.

In recent years, with the commitment to offer a service of unparalleled quality, Global Omnium has initiated several international projects that have taken it to Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.
The remarkable evolution that Global Omnium has had in the last years is because of the pursuit of differentiation through constant innovation.