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NETWORKING DAY – Innovation and technology

NETWORKING DAY – Innovation and technology

On February 25, we participated in the Networking Conference on innovation and technology in water treatment with AQUALIA. The organizer was SERVYECO, it participated with its more eco-innovative LIFE projects NEWEST and SAFE T WATER. AQUALIA participated in the conference with two LIFE projects, INFUSION and ZeroWW. He also disseminated the H2020 Run4LIFE project.

The day began with NEWEST, this LIFE project aims to eliminate total phosphorus from wastewater from urban and industrial treatment plants and to valorise the sludge generated in agriculture. All this with a natural technology that is totally respectful of the environment.

Then, LIFE INFUSIÓN explained, this project seeks to improve the current treatment of wastewater from the anaerobic treatment of OFMSW, through a series of technological processes that are constructive and non-destructive of the organic load and nutrients of these waters, providing solutions related to circularity.

The LIFE ZERO WASTE WATER project will demonstrate an innovative, profitable and positive energy balance wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) solution for the integrated management of urban wastewater (WW) and the organic fraction of urban solid waste.

AQUALIA ended the Run4Life project, which demonstrates an alternative strategy to improve the recovery of resources from wastewater, using a decentralized approach in which sewage (toilet wastewater), gray water (other domestic wastewater) and organic kitchen waste is collected separately.

Finally, SERVYECO closed the day by presenting its latest project LIFE SAFE T WATER. This project is about a new eco-innovative drinking water treatment based on one-step chemical technology, using a multifunctional natural polymer. This technology allows us to eliminate all corrosive chemicals, improving safety in product handling, maintenance of treatment facilities and the quality of water for human consumption.