Newest · The Life Project LIFE NEWEST is co-financed
by the LIFE program of the European Union
(Grant Agreement No. LIFE16 ENV/ES/000156)

LIFE NEWEST with NEEMO experts

LIFE NEWEST with NEEMO experts

Last Friday, March 1, 2019, the second official technical and financial monitoring meeting of the LIFE NEWEST(LIFE16 ENV/ES/000156) project was held at SERVYECO’s facilities.  In this occasion all the partners of the consortium, SERVYECO, GOMSL and EGEVASA, as well as the expert monitor of the NEEMO team, in charge of assisting all the parts of the project, attended the day.

The meeting began with a brief explanation of the schedule, where it was possible to observe the point where each phase of the NEWEST project is. Next, the most technical actions were described; implementation actions and follow-up of the impact of these actions. These included the progress made, improvements observed, problems encountered and next actions to be carried out.

The phase of public awareness and dissemination of results was also explained in detail, explaining all the actions that have been carried out so far for the dissemination and knowledge of the project, Networking days, dissemination in RRSS, participation in fairs, dissemination material … etc.

Finally, all the economic and financial aspects currently supported by the NEWEST project were evaluated.